care guide

Your comprehensive guide to maintaining our garments.

fabric & sourcing

From the time the brand had begun it’s journey in 2007, MINC eco fashion has been working closely with organic farmers in Sittilingi, in order to acquire organic cotton, which is then hand spun, yarn dyed and hand woven, to bring you beautiful handspun, handwoven cotton in rich, vibrant colours.

We are proud to say that we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers in order to help maintain the quality of the handspun, handwoven cotton we use, reminiscent of the soft fabrics the royals wore back in the day. Apart from the handspun, handwoven cotton we use, we also check the quality of any natural fabrics we use, be it cotton, linen, silk, ahimsa silk or blends of the same, ensuring that you are presented with beautiful fabrics in vibrant colours!

We do not stop just there – we take extra time and care to preshrink all our fabrics so that the size you buy, remains the same even after several washes!

Dyes & closures

The brand takes great lengths to ensure the final product is as eco-friendly as possible, which is why all the dyes we use are environment friendly dyes, such as azo free dyes or vegetable dyes.

In order to bring you the freshest colours possible, we get involved to get the vibrancy of colour just right, so that you have a beautifully handspun, handwoven cotton garment with a dual tone tint, as we use two different colours of yarn to produce the fabric!

All the closures we use are eco-friendly as well! Believe it or not, the buttons we use are only made from natural materials like wood, coconut shells, or sea shells themselves and wherever possible, nickle free metal.

caring for silk

Silk, ahimsa (cruelty free) silk and dupion (raw) silk are among the few silks that we use, for their delicate texture, sheen and fall. This luxurious fabric is often the go-to for any special occasion and requires special attention and care, best given by sending these garments to a reputed dry cleaner. Simply store them away for the right occasion in a nice dry spot in your cupboard, and these garments will shine for years together!

caring for linen & handspun, handwoven cotton

Linen and handspun, handwoven cotton are great fabrics to wear on a daily basis, especially in the summers as the fabrics keep you cool! They aren’t too demanding to care for either – you can simply machine or hand wash them with similar colours in a mild detergent. Dry them inside out in the shade to help them maintain their colour. Iron them on a medium setting and you’re good to go!

A little tidbit: One of our customers mentioned to us that they washed their handspun, handwoven cotton garments with Baby soap as it’s very mild and the garments come out looking fresh and new!

caring for hand embroidered garments

For the kind of hand work that we do – a fusion of Zardosi and Aari needlework, we received the Craftmark in a category created for us – “Adde ka kaam – Fusion Embroidery”. Our karigars take great pride in their work, and these delicate stitches made by hand are best cared for at a reputed dry cleaners’. Store them away for a special occasion in a dry spot in your cupboard and dazzle everyone with your gorgeous garment!