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As covered by Kavitha Srinivasa on July 4, 2011

Business world MINC featured in Thou Shalt Not Kill article 4th july 2011

thou shalt not kill

The doctrine of ‘ahimsa’ is fast catching up, as a growing number of concerned citizens choose to live the vegan way.

Excerpt from article –

The warp and weft of responsible fashion has textured connotations. Like khadinomics, a term fashion entrepreneur couple Kochery C. Shibu and Mini Varkey Shibu coined to describe the economy that would be built around the fusion concept of 19th-century quality khadi and 21st-century fashion. The philosophy of khadinomics incorporates skilled weavers, vegetable dyers and the organic cotton farmers in the changing dynamics of the fashion industry, and lives through MINC, the Shibus’ Bangalore-based eco-friendly fashion store for women and young girls. “The concept is to promote eco fashion, work with khadi fabrics, organic cotton and vegetable-dyed fabrics, and support a social chain of tribal cotton farmers, weavers and dyers while improving our environment,” explains the couple.

After interacting with khadi and handloom units in south India, the Shibus found that the khadi fabrics available in the markets were not in keeping with the latest fashion trends. This led them to identify and commission the tribal farmers of Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu to grow organic cotton, which was then spun and woven into khadi. The prices of MINC’s ‘Petite’ label for young girls (11-14 years) now range between Rs 360 and Rs 1,800.

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