Who we are & what we do

Where the dream began . . .

MINC or Mini Couture is a dream turned reality of a label that was both eco-friendly and sustainable, while being contemporary and classic – a fusion with an Indian twist, was founded Mini Shibu and Kochery C Shibu.

The label created a space where the gifted weaver, natural dyer and the organic cotton farmer found a place in the changing dynamics of fashion, while at the same time catering to the consumer, providing them quality goods with great fit and excellent services.

MINC’s raison d’être

MINC follows the movement of slow fashion, by looking to the old for inspiration and making it contemporary, by designing garments of good quality and style, produced with fair wages and lower carbon footprints, all, while using only natural fabrics, azo free environment friendly dyes, and closures made from natural material like wood, coconut or sea shells and nickel free metal where possible, in a way that the garment becomes a timeless classic.

At MINC, we not only promote a greener living through eco fashion, but also see to our customer’s satisfaction in everything we do.

The faces behind the brand

Mini Varkey Shibu – Founder Director

An alumnus of the prestigious National Institute of design (Ahmedabad), Mini is passionate about ecofashion, minimalist design & khadi, with over twenty years of experience in designing & producing exceptional clothing lines for customer-specific clients.

She is the founder Director of Brand MINC, a pioneering lifestyle label into ecofashion for women & tween girls.

Established in 2007, MINC ecofashion has been listed by INDIA Today as a greenovator – one of fifteen eco-preneurs in India in 2013.

The label has been awarded the craftmark for it’s Khadi (2017) and so also for Adde Ka Kaam for the extensive efforts in working with traditional embroideries in a modern context (2017).

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Kochery C Shibu – Founder Director

An alumnus of the prestigious National Defence Academy, he has commandeered two warships during his illustrious career with the Indian Navy.

Post retirement he has written and published his debut novel Men and dreams in the Dhauladhar, whose technical aspects and characters are all based on past experience from hydro electric projects he has worked on.

A visionary in setting up organizations ab-initio, he has put his vast experience in setting up the design studio, as also the operations systems. His vision has guided operations and business development, promotional activities and vendor development.

The team that makes it all happen


In today’s world, nothing escapes the clutches of an overexcited enthusiast with any kind of photo editing software. Thankfully, we only believe in editing everything apart from our garments, since they require no editing whatsoever!

Our graphic designer works hard to make sure we capture the beauty of our garments through our photography, making beautiful compositions with them.

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If we were to talk of colorful dreams, ours would certainly entail threads of various colors coming together to create exciting patterns – blooming flowers, twining vines, birds set to take flight!

Our hand machine embroiderer, is the one who brings these threads together to recreate these dreams, bringing a splash of much needed color and elegance to any garment.


For our karigars to be able to put on display their dreamlike work, the one responsible for shaping the clouds of these dreams into reality is our pattern master in training.

Drawing lines over the fabric in the right places and cutting along the lines to ensure that it looks seamless when finally put together, the end goal we actively pursue when making a garment!

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Hand embroidery as an art form has been around for a long time, especially zardosi and aari. Karigars take great pride in their stitches, ensuring their perfection when the needle hits the fabric.

It is in this dream like intricate embroidery, that we began to create our own style, a fusion of both zardosi and aari needlework and the result has it’s own kind of charm, uniquely different from the two styles it was created from.