Expensive or worth it? Everything you need to know about why your MINC garment costs what it does.

A frequently asked question by most of our first time customers has to be “Why is it so expensive?!”

To which our reply has always been – “You’ll understand once you see what our customers have written.”

Of course that’s only one part, the other not so spoken about part, is that we pay all our workers fair wages, source our fabrics sustainably, in small quantities with colors designed exclusively by us, resulting in a gorgeous two shade yarn dyed fabric uniquely different from the typical mill dyed fabric you see almost everywhere around you.

The best part?

They’re all eco friendly – from the material (which could be cotton, linen, silk or any other natural fabric) to the dye process (azo free environment friendly dyes are the only ones we use) and even down to the closures we use. 

Apart from that, every style we create is made only once and never reused or re-purposed. Which means that every time we make a new style, we go through the design process from start to finish all over again.

We also ensure that every pattern of embroidery we use is different, be it hand or hand machine embroidery. 

Quality – Our middle name.

If you’re familiar with the statement quality over quantity, you’ll realize that we swear by it.

We produce only a few garments in one particular style at a time and adhere to strict quality checks every step of the process – from the checking of the fabric, including pre-shrinking it, all the way up to the stitching and finishing.

The easiest way for us to showcase this is by displaying our gorgeous embroidery, be it hand-machine embroidery or hand embroidery.

MINC Hand Embroidered Cut Away Shoulder Top In Lilac Linen
MINC June Kimono Top in Fuchsia Linen
Fit – Our focus!

The fit of our garments was made for the Indian woman, who has wider hips and is slightly shorter than the European or Americans of the same age range.

Mini Shibu, our founder director took the time and made a measurement chart for the Indian women, instead of borrowing from existing sizes and measurements from European or American size charts for a “standard size” among women.

Our customers have made this observation as well, with many mentioning that ‘this was the first time they were picking their size as opposed to a larger one for their hips to fit.’

What better compliment can an apparel brand get? We don’t think it can get any better than this.

And of course, to ensure that the size does not change after the first wash, we pre-shrink all our fabrics!

Ditching the path more trodden upon

Our primary focus has always been “fit, function, fashion and integration” as opposed to following fashion ‘trends’ set every few months by the industry.

The brand chose to design clothes that could be worn between seasons, without going out of style for years – which resulted in our current style and design, contemporary, yet classic, Indian, yet foreign.

Many of our customers have admired our style for these reasons, with garments that can go from being occasion to business wear as well as from day to evening wear without effort!

Here are some of our fun, classic designs –

MINC ecofashion Puff Sleeve Shirt In Pinstripe Black Cotton
MINC ecofashion Fiery Red Sleeveless Asymmetric Tie Top in Linen
Exclusivity is our motto

For every style that we produce, we produce only one set of sizes or a maximum of two, which can go upto bout 24 – 30 pieces. This means that in the world, at a time, there can only be 60 pieces of the same style that people are wearing around the world, and most times, even less than that!

Some of the products we made recently, like our scarves, are only two of a kind or one of a kind. Exclusivity begins here! Don’t believe us? Just compare our scarves –

MINC Spring Garden Hand Embroidered Khadi Cotton Scarf
MINC ecofriendly couture fashion Winter Flowers Scarf in White Silk

Many have asked us “But don’t you produce more on demand?”

Our answer? “No. If it’s gone, it’s gone!”

We believe that fashion is an individual’s form of expression – that everyone would like to be unique, and that’s why MINC garment are a little more ‘expensive’ than most brands that make mass produced garments, but, our garments are well worth the price and we have our customers words to say this with confidence.

If exclusivity is what you’re looking for, simply drop by our store. We’re certain that there’s something for the diva in you right here!

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